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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Balthazar, by Claudia Gray

5 Stars!
I just finished Balthazar, a "spin off" of the Evernight series by Claudia Gray and I absolutely loved it. I didn't exactly enjoy Evernight when I read it but I really liked Balthazar so I read Stargazer to see what would happen to him and wound up really liking that book and each book got better and better so I was happy I had taken the time to read them and I was excited to see that Balthazar was getting his own book and couldn't wait.

This is the best book I've read by Claudia Gray yet. I normally don't care for books that bounce back and forth between narrators, but she has done a beautiful job of switching between Balthazar and Skye that reading it was effortless. She blended current Skye with current Balthazar with Balthazar's memories of his past 400 + years. We gain the knowledge about Balthazar that we have been craving throughout the Evernight series. There was appearances of Bianca, Lucas, Charity and Clementine. There was mention of Black Cross and wraiths and references to the fire at Evernight Academy, along with the addition of some interesting new characters. There was enough explanation of previous situations that if you haven't read the other Evernight books you can still follow along with this book and not be scratching your head going "WTF".

So, my suggestion, READ THIS BOOK! Don't get an illegal download copy of it, that's cheating the author for all of her hard work and love that went into writing this amazing book. It also cheats her editor, agent, critique partners and countless others that put time and effort into publishing it.

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